A semi permanent makeup artist, began her journey in the beauty industry in 2019, specializing in microblanding, ombré brows, lipblush and eyes.

Trained by the renowned Advanced Permanent Cosmetics Academy, Jana swiftly ascended in her career, marrying her artistic vision and precision with a deep-rooted passion for enhancing her clients’ natural beauty.

For Jana, each treatment is not merely a procedure—it’s a live, breathing masterpiece. Her keen eye for design, coupled with an inherent perfectionist nature, is complemented by her intricate knowledge of color theory and permanent makeup techniques. This unique blend of skills enables her to sculpt eyebrows or lips that frame the face with an almost effortless grace, creating a more youthful appearance and eliminating the need for time-consuming daily makeup routines.

With hundreds of transformed faces to her credit, Jana deeply understands the life-changing power of well-crafted eyebrows. She is meticulous in her process, taking the time to ensure each brow’s or lip’s design is not just symmetrical, but tailored to match the individual’s unique bone structure.

Whether it’s adding volume, defining lines, or changing the shape, Jana customizes each set of brows to perfectly fit her clients’ styles and preferences. Her philosophy is best encapsulated in her own words: “I take pride in my work and take time to understand each one of my client’s expectations for their eyebrows before drawing the perfect shape which is customized to fit your facial features.”

Jana Barbell is not just an artist but a transformative force in the beauty industry, offering her clients more than just a service – a renewed sense of self-confidence and beauty.

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