The eyebrows in particular play a major role in the appearance of your face and your facial expressions. It is important that your eyebrows match the look you want to radiate. An eyebrow that is neutral at rest – so not too straight, or too high or too low, or too light or too dark – gives you a beautiful, fresh look. Not everyone is naturally blessed with such eyebrows and many people have thin hairy eyebrows, bald patches, or very light eyebrows. Thanks to the techniques we use, we can create the right eyebrows for all skin and hair colors – including blonde eyebrows and dark skin!

Jana Barbell offer various types of PMU for eyebrows:

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Microblading simulates hairs with a manual tattoo pen, ombre involves the application of soft shading using a machine tattoo pen. Both techniques are applied lightly and superficially in the skin. They therefore look very natural and fade away within one to two years. This is also the main difference with a real tattoo, where the pigments are applied deep into the skin and therefore do not disappear and can look ugly after a few years!

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